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We believe that being Abbey Hill is the best bit of the day. That's why we're so passionate about seeing all our Abbeyhillians, in the line on time, every day!


Remember, in the line for ten to nine!

Staff are out on the playground from 8:40am. The whistle is blown at 8:50am and pupils line up to enter class. Learning activities are ready for pupils as they enter class and learning begins straight away.

At Abbey Hill, our Abbeyhillian identity fosters a sense of belonging and we recognise how important this is to pupils and families in maintaining good attendance. Good attendance is a target of 96%.

Where we are concerned about a pupil's attendance, we will be proactive in making and maintaining contact. This is because we strongly value our Abbeyhillians being in school, with us, every day.

What if my child is unwell?

If your child is unwell, please ring the school office on 01623 484512 to let us know. If you are not able to ring, the office team will contact you for a reason why your child is absent from school. Any unexplained absences will be recorded as unauthorised.