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Pupil Premium

Since 2011, schools in England have received ‘pupil premium’ funding from the Government. This money is intended to be used to support children and families in school, particularly those entitled to Free School Meals. It is hoped that the money will help schools to improve their academic standards and engagement and wellbeing in children and families.

  • The ways we spent this money include but are not limited to:
  • Ensuring a high ratio of staff to support intervention and learning.
  • Improving the Quality of Education through digital learning.
  • Providing additional, targeted support in Reading and Early Reading.
  • Providing enriching opportunities for pupils.

Our strategy strikes a balance between promoting educational outcomes through a prioritisation of high-quality, engaging teaching and rich learning experiences alongside strategies to nurture and support pupils and families.  

To ensure our strategies are effective we:

  • Ensure all pupils are supported pastorally and academically and are challenged appropriately.
  • Act as soon as possible when a need is identified.
  • Prioritise what is offered to a pupil where there are many areas of need to be addressed.
  • Adopt a whole school approach where all staff have high ambitions and expectations and take responsibility for the attainment and progress of disadvantaged pupils. 

Mr.Jevons-Newman is our Pupil Premium Leader.