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We recognise that our Abbeyhillians can need our support with their emotional and mental health as much as they may do so with their learning. That's why, over the last few years, we have invested time and resources into developing our support for and response to pupil wellbeing.

Our daily provision includes the following strategies or approaches to promote and support wellbeing:

  • Active breaks
  • Breathing exercises
  • Anti-bullying Ambassadors
  • Play and/or Sports Leaders at Lunchtimes
  • A 'cosy' shed for alternative resources for playtimes
  • Fidgets and physical aids
  • Ear defenders

Additional provision in school is also available where pupils may need additional support. This is always in prior consultation with parents/carers but includes:

  • Our Pastoral Care Assistant
  • A Nurturing Base for learning
  • Open Talk Time with a Family Support Worker
  • Draw and Talk provision (following referral)

School works in partnership with external agencies, including the Educational Psychology, Behaviour Partnership and other professionals to support wellbeing. Parents and carers are encouraged to speak with their child's class teacher if they have concerns about their child's wellbeing so that we can respond quickly and effectively to support.